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Shimano Disc Brake BR-M8000 DEORE XT (G03A Resin Pad)

Shimano Disc Brake BR-M8000 DEORE XT (G03A Resin Pad)

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Shimano XT BR-M8000 brake caliper.
This Shimano XT BR-M8000 brake caliper is delivered w/ organic pads w/out cooling fins. It offers smooth, predictable & powerful braking for all types of BMX, MTBs from Cross Country to All Mountain and Enduro. Thanks to Ice Technologies there is no uncontrolled heat development even w/ increased braking. Bleeding the brake caliper is very simple thanks to One Way Bleeding construction. BR-M8000 works w/ 2 ceramic pistons & can be mounted front & rear.


  • Series: Deore XT M8000
  • Application: Cross Country, All Mountain
  • Type: hydraulic, 2 pistons
  • Actuation: mineral oil
  • Hose: SM-BH90-SB (not incl.)

Technical Information:

  • Mount: post mount
  • Pistons: 2
  • Pads: G02A resin (G03A resin, J02A / J03A resin, G04S metal, J04C metal optional)
  • Design: 2-piece
  • Material: aluminum
  • Hose Connection: banjo


  • even, calculable & powerful
  • easy and clean bleeding w/ one-way bleeding
  • controlled braking for all MTB styles
  • can be mounted front & rear
  • IS mount w/ adapter possible
  • ceramic piston
  • recommended brake lever: BL-M8000
  • recommended brake rotor: RT-MT800, SM-RT86
  • compatible brake hose bolt: Y-8JA98030
  • painted
  • stainless steel bolts (5 mm)

Pads compatibility : G04S, J04C, G05A, G05S, J05A, G04Ti, G03A, G03S, J03A, G05A

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