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Profile Magnutanium Cranks

Profile Magnutanium Cranks

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Spindle Length

  • Ultra thin wall chromoly tubular arms offer superior stiffness for smaller racers.
  • Mag crank arms weigh less than solid aluminum arms of equal length.
  • Titanium Gun Drilled Hollow (GDH) spindle w/ chromo GDH Bolts.
  • Titanium GDH spindle bolt upgrade available.
  • Ti Sprocket Bolt is INCLUDED.
  • Can be used by flatland riders, but is not recommended for larger riders, Street Riding, Park Riding, or Dirt Jumping.

-NOTE: Profile Racing Magnutanium Mini 3-piece cranksets do not carry the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Sizes: 145mm, 150mm, 155mm, 160mm, 165mm & 170mm

Colors: Black Powdercoat

Weights (Spindle, Crank Arms, & Bolts):
145mm: 522 grams/18.41 oz
150mm: 525 grams/18.45 oz
155mm: 527 grams/18.55 oz
160mm: 534 grams/18.8 oz
165mm: 537 grams/18.9 oz
170mm: 544 grams/19.15 oz

Guide for 19mm Spindle Lengths:
-5.625″(for Mid, American, Spanish, & internal Euro BB’s)
-6.0″(for 68mm & 73mm external Euro BB’s)
-6.875″(for 83mm & 100mm Euro BB’s)
-5.25″(for Track 68mm internal Euro BB’s)

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