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Diabolic Ultra-Lite Titanium Spindle Bolts (3/8" & GDH)

Diabolic Ultra-Lite Titanium Spindle Bolts (3/8" & GDH)

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Diabolic Ultra-Lite GDH Profile Bolts M12 X 1.25 bolts. Fits Profile & Madera GDH cranks only. GDH spindles use 1/2" diameter bolt instead of 3/8" like most 48 spline cranks.

  •  Material titanium Ti-6AL-4V (grade 5), annealed
  •  Tensile strength, ultimate 138,000psi
  •  Machined from aerospace grade 5 titanium
  •  Gun drilled hollow for weight savings
  •  Weighs only 18 grams a pair
  •  Lifetime warranty to original owner 
  •  Sold in Pairs


Diabolic 3/8" X 24 X 30mm Diabolic Grade 5 titanium spindle bolts. Fits all BMX Cranks that use a standard 19mm 48 spline spindle.

  • Material titanium Ti-6AL-4V (grade 5), annealed
  • Tensile strength, ultimate 138,000psi
  • Lifetime warranty to original owner
  • Solid Titanium Bolt
  • Comes in anodized colors including black
  • Only 20 grams a pair
  • Sold in Pairs

*Be sure to use anti seize compound on threads & a good 7mm allen wrench*

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