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Box One Pro Double Butted Spokes & Nipples

Box One Pro Double Butted Spokes & Nipples

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Our new Box One Pro Spoke Kit was created w/ one goal in mind; Performance.

Featuring a double-butted 14 gauge spoke (2.0/1.8/2.0mm) our Pro Spoke Kit is lighter & stronger than traditional straight 14 gauge spokes. This is possible by using a spoke that is 14g at the ends but 15g in the middle; this combination makes for an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Additionally included is Lightweight Black Anodized Aluminum Nipples to further reduce rotational weight.

This adds up to a weight savings of nearly 60g per wheel when compared to the same wheel built w/ straight gauge spokes & brass nipples. Less rotating weight means faster acceleration, quicker movement & decreased lap times!!

FEATURES:  Optimized for BMX Pro 406 size wheel builds / 2.0 - 1.8 - 2.0mm spoke thickness / Lighter & Stronger than standard straight 14 gauge spokes / Unique Box Hex logo stamped on spoke heads /  40 Double Butted Black Spokes / 40 Black Anodized Aluminum Nipples


Material: Stainless Steel spokes & Aluminum nipples
Size: Available in 182mm, 184mm, 186mm & 188mm
Color: Black
Weight: 4 grams (188mm spoke) & 0.35 grams (nipple)

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